Bird’s Snack Petals
By Jess Walzak

The bird eats the pedals of the blossom. His feet gripping the stems of the blossoms.
‘A few more petals to go, and then I can move on to the next blossom.’ He thinks
The last few petals fall down to the ground
‘Oh no.’
He looks to the other blossom, which is full of pedals.
‘No, these are to delicious for to leave on the ground.’
He inches his feet down the stems of the blossoms. He bends his neck down and he snaps up the pedals with his beak. one petal falls farther in to the water. The bird sticks his skull right in to the water and he takes the petal in his mouth. He pulls his head back out and gobbles up the pedals. He wobbles between the steams
‘ better get the rest of those petals while they are in the air, they taste awful when they are soggy.’
The wind picks up and the stems fall apart from each other.
He makes his approach up the stems. He plucks the petals from the flower as the other steam gets away from him.
‘So good, So good!’ as he devours.
All of a Sudden his weight shifts the other way. He chews the petals as fast as he can as he falls toward in the water.
He feeds on as many as he can.
He flies off out of the water.