She is Aletheia, first and last of an ancient race, trapped on a dying world among a people who once revered her as a goddess, but who have long since forgotten their own myths. Once again, the century turns, and she makes yet another pilgrimage to the ruins of her ancient home to walk among its ghosts, and to curse the tomb of their Destroyer. But on this day, the tomb is empty, robbed of its inhabitant along with the sword she had slain him with.

Maeia, an oracle and deadly assassin from a secret sisterhood, has been tasked by the Imperator with opening a sealed sarcophagus impaled with a mysteriously beautiful sword. From what dim era of the past had it emerged, and what was the horror she sensed still trapped inside its mummified body? It was time to remove the sword and take a closer look.

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Luna Lunaria

I am a science fantasy  writer as well as a creator of virtual worlds, currently residing in NW Georgia, USA. My background is in art, design, and ancient languages. My goal and my hope is the world of Eos and its people will capture your imagination and resonate within you on a deep level – that you will feel their lives as if they truly lived, for I have always felt their presence and heard their voice.